Plumbing Symbols – Pipe and Fittings

For reference purposes, here are some two dimensional plumbing symbols showing pipe and fittings you may encounter on mechanical drawings. All drawn by me using If there are any other symbols you would like to see just ask on the forum.

More types of plumbing symbols:

Plumbing pipe and fitting symbols

90 elbow symbol 90 deg elbow spacer cap symbol Cap spacer Wye symbol Wye spacer 45 deg elbow symbol 45 deg elbow
Union symbol Union spacer Vent pipe symbol Vent spacer P-trap symbol P-trap spacer Tee symbol Tee
Running trap symbol Running trap spacer Pipe going down symbol Pipe going down spacer Pipe going up symbol Pipe going up spacer Pipe guide symbol Pipe guide symbol
Pipe tee up symbol Pipe tee up symbol spacer Pipe cross UP-DOWN symbol Pipe cross UP-DOWN symbol spacer Water closet symbol Water closet spacer Floor drain symbol Floor drain
Kitchen sink symbol Kitchen sink spacer Lavatory symbol Lavatory spacer Laundry tray symbol Laundry tray spacer Bushing symbol Bushing symbol
Concentric reducer symbol Concentric reducer symbol spacer Eccentric reducer symbol Eccentric reducer symbol spacer Expansion joint symbol Expansion joint symbol spacer Flexible connection symbol Flexible connection symbol
Curb stop symbol Curb stop symbol spacer Fire hydrant symbol Fire hydrant and isolation valve symbol spacer Compressed air line symbol Compressed air line symbol spacer Domestic water line symbols - cold and hot
  • Domestic cold water
  • Domestic hot water
  • Hot water return/recirculating
Gas line symbol Gas line symbol spacer Sanitary drain above - below ground symbol Sanitary drain above ground
Sanitary drain below ground symbol
spacer Sanitary sewer symbol Sanitary sewer symbol with size and type of pipe spacer Storm sewer symbol Storm sewer symbol with size and type of pipe
Water main symbol Water main symbol with size and type of pipe spacer Trap primer symbol Trap primer symbol spacer Floor drain round symbol Floor drain round spacer Floor drain square symbol Floor drain square
Funnel floor drain symbol Funnel floor drain spacer Funnel drain elevation symbol Funnel drain elevation spacer Hub drain symbol Hub drain spacer Roof drain symbol Roof drain