Plumbing abbreviations

Here some of the most common abbreviations used in the plumbing and heating trade.

ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
AL aluminum
BG bathroom group
BT bath tub
CW cold water or clothes washer
cm2 square centimeter(s)
°C degrees Celsius
CI cast iron
CO clean out
CPVC chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
dia diameter
DF drinking fountain
DW dish washer
DWV Drainage, waste and vent
FD floor drain
FU fixture unit
h, hrs hour(s)
HW hot water
HWT hot water tank
in. inches
ips iron pipe size
kg/m2 kilograms per meter squared
Kpa kilopascals
Kn/m2 kilonewtons per meter squared
KS kitchen sink
L litre(s)
L/s litres per second
lav lavatory
lbs pounds
LT laundry tray
m meter(s)
m2 meters squared
MJ mechanical joint
mm millimeters
PE polyethylene
PEX crosslinked polyethylene
PP-R polyvinyl chloride
PRV pressure relief valve or
pressure reducing valve
Psi pounds per squared inch
Psia pounds per square inch absolute
Psig pounds per square inch gauge
RD roof drain
SH shower
SJ slip joint or soldered joint
SS service sink
T&P temperature and pressure relief
UR urinal
WC water closet (toilet)