Plumbing Tools – Equipment List

What's in a plumber's tool box?

Basic Plumbing Hand Tools

Tape measure spacer Claw hammer spacer Hack saw spacer Various adjustable wrenches
Multi tip screwdriver spacer Ball-peen hammer spacer Regular and stubby screwdrivers spacer Needle-nose pliers
Vise grip pliers spacer Side cutters spacer Cold/wood chisels spacer 2ft level
Allen keys imperial/metric spacer Socket set spacer Files, round/flat spacer Crow bar
Shovels, long/short spacer Tin snips spacer Step ladder spacer Caulking gun
Safety, Gloves/goggles/ear plugs spacer Sledge hammer spacer Flashlight, small/large spacer Drywall knife/ box cutter
Trowel spacer Hand saw spacer Hole saw kit spacer Wire strippers

Plumbing Hand Tools

Mini pipe cutter spacer Rigid Mini pipe cutter spacer Medium copper pipe cutter 2" spacer Copper pipe cutter
PEX Crimpers spacer Pex crimping tool spacer PEX cinch ring crimper spacer Ultrlock pex cinch ring crimper
PEX Crimpers spacer Pex crimping tool spacer PEX cinch ring crimper spacer Ultrlock pex cinch ring crimper
Steel pipe cutter spacer Steel pipe cutter spacer PVC Hand saw spacer PVC Saw
Spud wrench spacer Spud wrench spacer Flaring tool kit spacer Flaring tool
Pipe wrenches 6"/10"/14"/18"/24" spacer Aluinum pipe wrench spacer Offset pipe wrench 14" spacer Offset pipe wrench
Offset hex wrench spacer Offset hex pipe wrench spacer Strap wrench spacer Strap wrench
Cast iron snap cutter spacer Soil pipe cutter spacer Basin wrench / telescopic spacer Telescopic basin wrench
Torpedo level spacer Plumber's torpedo level spacer Pipe extractors spacer Pipe extractors
Pipe tapping tools spacer Pipe taps spacer Ratcheting pipe threading set spacer Ratcheting head pipe threader
Internal pipe wrench spacer Internal pipe wrench spacer Plastic tube cutter/ scissor type spacer Plastic tubing cutter
Internal pipe cutter spacer Internal pipe cutter spacer Spring benders various sizes spacer Spring bender
Pipe reamer spacer Pipe reamer inside / outside spacer Torch head / Turbo torch spacer Turbo torch for soldering
Sparking igniter spacer Flint striker spacer Gasket cutter / punches spacer Gasket cutter
Fire extinguisher spacer Fire extinguisher spacer Faucet seat extractor spacer Faucet seat extractor
Faucet seat refinisher spacer Faucet seat refinisher spacer Faucet handle puller spacer Faucet handle puller
Plunger spacer Plunger spacer Sink plunger spacer Sink plunger
PO wrench spacer Drain wrench - PO wrench spacer spacer

Plumbing Power Tools and Shop Equipment

Reciprocating saw spacer Jig saw spacer Circular saw spacer Angle grinder
Hammer drill / concrete bits spacer Portable pipe stand/ pipe vise spacer Cordless drill / spare batteries spacer Angle drill
Handheld power threader spacer Power threader spacer Sewer auger spacer Closet(toilet) auger
Drill type auger/ hand spinner spacer Medium auger/ K50 spacer Garden hose spacer Extension cords
Electrical multi-meter spacer Sump pump spacer Thrash pump/hose spacer Generator
Metal detector spacer Welding and cutting equipment spacer Pipe freezer spacer Pipe thawer
Inspection spacer camera spacer Core drill spacer

Consumable plumbing materials

Teflon tape spacer Teflon Tape used as a thread sealant spacer Lead free solder spacer Lead free Solder used on potable water joints
50/50 solder (Drainage) spacer 50/50 solder used for drainage (DWV) spacer Sand cloth spacer Sand Cloth for cleaning copper pipe and fittings
Flux / soldering paste spacer Flux soldering paste spacer Gasket material spacer Gasket material
Silicone spacer 100% silicone caulk spacer Fitting brush spacer Fitting brush used to clean copper and brass plumbing fittings
Nails/ screws spacer spacer Copper strapping spacer Copper strapping for hanging pipe
Pipe dope spacer Pipe Dope used as a thread sealant spacer Plumbers putty spacer Plumber's Putty

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